Lovely 4 days! Wish it had been longer

We had a second story beachfront nest with hammocks on the porch. I enjoyed everything about the establishment. The food and the serving staff were excellent and very helpful. The white sand is beautifully maintained, cleaned, and cared for which the majority of places on the island seem to not care about.

We were a little worried about the temperatures being too warm, but that wasn’t so. We loved our floating bed cabana where we hid out in the peak sun hours of the day. We stayed another three days at another resort just a few hotels down which was beautiful and about the same price if not a little more but not nearly as pleasant as Casa Las Tortugas.

I almost don’t want to post this because I don’t want the most magical hotel on the island to be discovered by the world! The staff at Casa Las Tortugas was so lovely with the trikes in cozumel suggestions, the rooms were perfectly clean and COLD, and the complimentary breakfast every morning was delicious. I want to come back as soon as possible. Thanks to Caroline, Emma, the sushi chef, and the entire staff for making such a memorable stay for our honeymoon.

Not to mention the included breakfast was stellar and LUUMA their new tapas restaurant across the street was probably the best meal we had during our stay.

The problems mentioned in the previous reviews were not a problem at all (no loud music at night, we slept like babies each night 12+ hours, no rude staff everyone was very very gracious and friendly). However, it is a BOUTIQUE, so don’t go in expecting luxurious rooms made of gold and marble. The places are charmingly decorated in a beachy/hippy way but CLEAN, spacious, and with AC. What else do you need on the island!

One thing I particularly appreciated was how excellent the staff was about keeping the cabanas and beach lounge furniture for the sole use of the people staying at the hotel. There were at least three occasions where people on the beach wandered on and tried to snag a cabana. The staff was quick to act and let them know this was for guests only, so getting a seat at the beach was never a problem.

Really enjoyed this hotel… it only has 20 rooms so idk If you can even call it that. Was never crowded and felt kind of like our own private place. Loved it here!! It really is the best /most beautiful hotel in Holbox (we walked around quite a bit, and even the other hotel’s beach furniture just wasn’t up to par compared to Casa Las Tortugas). They really knock it out of the park.