True vacation found

We’re coming to the end of our week at the hotel and wanted to make sure I got this review listed before I left. The rooms are gorgeous and well maintained. The food is excellent, and drinks are premium brands with frozen cocktails to die for. We stopped all-inclusive, which made it so much easier.

Breakfast – a tasty variety each morning with prosecco, fresh coffee, English tea, hot foods including omelet made to your liking, fruit smoothies and a good selection of pastries, fresh fruit yogurt, and granola

Lunch – chose between the snack menu, some things aren’t all inclusive but believe me I tried some gorgeous dishes (fajitas, tacos, nachos, Club Sandwich, and much more) or there’s the buffet with plenty of a selection.

Dinner – the night we arrived it was a BBQ outside where you chose your food fresh and cooked to your liking (king prawn skewers, t bone steak, salmon, etc.) with a good selection of sides. Other nights have been in the buffet but each night has a theme (Italian, Spanish, etc.) with proper fitting this.

Each and every member of staff who go out of their way for you but a massive shout out to Ana, Estaban, and Jonatan. Thank you all for the amazing cozumel fishing and snorkeling recommendations!

It’s such a relaxed place with everything right where you need it, it’s paradise.

The only thing to note for the island (and it’s not the hotel’s fault in the slightest) was the mosquitoes. I was eaten alive… not sure if citronella candles might help as night time is the worst. So take every spray, and cream.